Shy Brother's Farm

Westport, MA

The four "shy" brothers, Karl, Kevin, Arthur, and Norman Santos started making cheese in 2007 with milk from their herd of 120 Holstein, Ayrshire and Jersey cows. Two sets of fraternal twins, all painfully shy as the name suggests, work together like a well-oiled machine to make truly unique and delicious cheese. Third generation dairy farmers, these brothers are described by their peers as "raised right." The Santos' are well respected for their kindness, honesty and love of the land, not to mention notorious for being able to fix and grow just about anything.

For the Shy Brothers, the cheese making proces really starts in the pasture. Perched atop a rolling hill in Westport located in southeastern Massachusetts, the farm's unique location by the Atlantic invites warm air from the Gulf Stream. The warmer environment allows the cows to graze on fresh grass longer than other New England herds. The longer grazing time leads to healthier cows and higher quality milk and cheese.

Shy Brothers makes three pasteurized cheeses:

Hannahbells, thimble sized, individually molded bloomy rind lactic cheeses aged 5 days. The adorable bite size cheese comes in five flavors: classic French, Shallot, Lavender Bud, Rosemary and Chipotle.
Cloumage, a unique soft, spreadable cheese that is wonderful in recipes or spread on toast and crackers.
Mozzarella curd, mozzarella in its simplest, unstretched form.

Perfecting pairing: Shy Brother's Cloumage is delicious spread on an Effie's Walnut Ryecake Top with smoked salmon or tomato chutney for the perfect appetizer.