Robinson Farm

Hardwick, MA

Pamela and Ray Robinson really love cheese, and it shows. As Pam says, they are motivated by "the love of cheese and the existence of cows."

Pam left her career as a nurse-midwife to join her husband Ray a lifelong dairyman and a fifth generation farmer. In 2006 the couple considered making cheese in response to the thin margins of traditional dairy farming. With Ray as the primary cheese maker and Pam taking on the roll of managing the business they produced their first Robinson Family Swiss cheese in 2010. Today their line is expanded to include raw milk cheeses from alpine to tallegio styles.

Robinson Farms, located in central Massachusetts, has been a family operated farm since 1892. It is home to more than 35 100% grass fed Normandy, Jersey and Holstein cows all producing high fat and high protein milk. The Robinsons believe healthy cows that get fresh air, sunshine and grass, make the best milk.....which in turn makes the best cheese. Ray and Pam believe in following the natural seasonal rythms of the cows by milking less in the winter. While this schedule means a smaller production, it makes for a healthier cow.

Robinson Farm cheeses have a distinct flavor profile and character that stems from their organic and seasonal pastures. All of the farm's cheeses are produced in small batches using raw milk. They are hand turned and washed one to three times a week before being aged between two and twelve months. Robinson Farm produces 6 cheeses:

Arpeggio, aged 2 to 4 months this is a soft, creamy cheese with a washed rind. It melts easily and pairs perfectly with fruit.
A Barndance, aged 6 to 12 months, this French style alpide cheese has a mild, subtle flavor with hits of fruit and nut.
Hardwick Stone, similar to a mild cheddar, this cheese is aged 4 to 8 months and is based on a Robinson family recipe from the 1870s.
Prescott, aged 10 to 12 plus months, this smooth cheese is similar to comte in style.
Robinson Family Swiss, this creamy swiss style is aged 6 to 12 months and has a nutty, sweet flavor.
Tekenik (Tomme), the sharpest of all of the farm's cheeses, it is pungent yet creamy. 

Perfect pairing: We had so much fun pairing Robinson Farm's cheese with our biscuits! Our Oatcake and Pecan Nutcake really compliment the creamy yet pungent Arpeggio. A Barndance and Hardwick Stone were fabulous on the Oatcake, and the Walnut Ryecake with a dash of caraway was the perfect backdrop for the Prescott.