Chase Hill Farm

Warwick, MA

"Taste the goodness of our land"

Chase Hill Farm is a second generation family farm located in Western Massachusetts. Fresh out of college, Mark and Jeannette Fellows began managing the farm, taking over for Mark's parents who had operated it for nearly thirty years. In 1991 the couple boldly switched their once continuously grazing herd to seasonal production. With the cows milked on a more natural cycle and with a more predictable schedule the Fellows were allowed time to co- found Our Family Farms milk co-op in 1997. This ultimately led them into cheese making.

Starting out in local grocery stores and local farmers markets, the couple's success led them to build an organic cheese plant in 2002. As the cheese business expanded, so did their farming needs, and Mark and Jeannette soon purchased an additional 75 acres of land. Traditionalists at heart, the couple use three draft horses to do an increasing amount of work on the farm including logging and manure spreading. They hope one day to use a horse treadmill to power the entire milking system.

Chase Hill Farm is now home to 40 Normande cows, known as the all purpose, ultimate grazer breed, that feed on the farm's diverse pastures and hay fields. The pastures add rich flavors of sweet grass, flowers, and other natural aromas to their raw milk cheese. 

Farmstead, a washed curd Colby
Cheddar, aged 9 to 18 months
Dutch Gold, an Edam-style cheese, aged 4 to 6 months
Feta, made in whey salt brine, aged 60+ days
Italian Grace, Parmesan-style, aged 60+ days
Tomme de Normande, natural rind semi-soft cheese, aged 3 to 4 months
Quabbin Blue, smokey-style blue veined cheese, aged 60+ days