Berkshire Blue

Dalton, MA

Founded by Michael Miller in 1998 and later taken over by Ira Grable in 2009, Berkshire Blue is an award winning raw milk blue cheese. Grable modeled his cheese making process after the classic blue cheeses found in Somerset England. Using whole unpasteurized Jersey cow milk and with a longer aging process Berkshire Blue develops a smooth, moist texture and subtle yet distinctive flavor.

To say Grable takes his cheese making seriously is an understatement. Every step of the cheese making process is done by hand, including stirring the vats of milk, cutting the curd, and forming the curds into 3 pound molds. The cheese takes a swim in a salt and water brine tank and then gets aged for a minimum of 60 days before it is hand wrapped and labeled. Thanks to this painstaking process, each wheel is closely and lovingly, inspected during the nine weeks it takes to become Berkshire Blue. 

Perfect pairing: We were lucky enough to sample Berkshire Blue with all of our biscuits and we think it pairs best with our Walnut Ryecakes. 

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