Appleton Farms

Ipswich, MA

Established in 1638, Appleton Farms is quite likely the oldest working farm in Massachusetts. The North Shore property is maintained by the Trustees of the Reservations, whose mission is to "preserve, for public use and enjoyment, properties of exceptional scenic, historic, and ecological value in Massachusetts." Known for its rolling grasslands, old stone walls and historic buildings, the property is a bucolic throwback to the farms of our New England ancestors. 

Anna Cantalmo is cheese maker extraordinaire on the property. Before heading to Appleton, Cantalmo worked at Savenor's market where she developed her love for all things cheese related. She started out as a volunteer on the farm and was quickly hired as a full time cheese maker. While Anna also loves farming - she owns Heron Pond Farm with her husband - cheese making is her true passion. Together with an impressive herd of forty grass-fed, Jersey cows she and her team blend science and art to transformt the sweet, grassy-tasting milk into a range of soft and aged cheeses.

Great Pasture is Appleton Farm's fresh cheese. It spreads perfectly on a baguette and comes in flavors like tarragon and onion, and lemon pepper dill. This is an un-aged cheese.

Pinnacle, mild and smooth in body, this tomme-style aged cheese gets its name from the four granite spires (or pinnacles) located throughout the farm.

Sunset Hill Triple Cream gets its name from a popular grazing spot for Appleton's happy herd. With sweet, buttery flavors when its young, the brie-like cheese gets sharper and peppery as it matures.